A learning tool should encourage a habit

Vinod Kumaar R
1 min readMar 13, 2021

I have tried learning through various online platforms, many of them say it is self paced learning or make it such a way that you attend courses live at specific time. I have never kept up with the learning schedule except for one tool, which is Duolingo.

Duolingo is pleasantly gamified. It encourages a systemic approach to learning making sure there is scope for spaced repetition, diffused learning mode and very importantly maintaining a streak of learning days. These traits make it such a compelling tool to learn something as daunting as learning a new language to be broken down to baby steps.

I had gone through a course called learning how to learn, I see that many of the points mentioned in that course are implemented in Duolingo. It is free for use for a casual user and it is not restrictive in any sense for a free user. The claim of learning more than a university course of a same duration is true for sure.

Learning something every day is a brain workout, try it with a tool that will encourage you to easily get into that habit.