Is it ambiguous or confusing?

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

The houses in my home town were built such a way that they had 2–3 entry points and all homes within the compound will leave their doors open from morning until night. People and pets moved freely across homes. We always had cats that usually call the entire compound as their home. People say it is a cat’s territory and you happen to live there. Cats stayed back in the compound even when their owners vacated the place.

It is this time I got used to play around with the kittens. Cats are very curious, they keep exploring their world around and quickly adapt. If you throw a new toy at them, they will not readily play with it. A cat will always probe a new thing by pawing. It is not even surefooted, it will hesitantly paw it with an intent to run away if it turned out to be a danger. If nothing happens then it goes to stage two to smell it or jab at it. When it realises that it is not a danger and if it likes, then it starts playing with it.

A cat is never confused, it probes, senses and responds. It ups its game when the ambiguity clears away. We are obviously not doing very small things but that should be the approach to complex and ambiguous things. If we are confused, it is because we are not able to understand the relation between what we do and the effect it creates (cause-effect loop). In that case all we can do is only damage control, not advance.

To an outsider both confusion and ambiguity looks similar, it is how the situation is dealt with by the individual changes the game.



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