You 3.0

Vinod Kumaar R
2 min readJul 19, 2020

I recently got a chance to read this book You 3.0 by Anand Tamboli and Amit Dangle. The thing that stood out for me in this book was the nice mix of quotes, anecdotes, bullets and explanations followed with summary of actionable points at the end of each chapter. I like this style because the quotes anchor the core points, the anecdotes make the chapter relatable.

My favourite chapter is “Authenticity — A simplified personality”. Why is this my favourite? Because I like the way it anchored the thought in my mind on how I should focus on not having a difference between who I am and what is my public image. This advice looks counter intuitive but if we take a deeper look it helps to build on our strengths without worrying to cover up about a lot of weaknesses.

This is the exact opposite of faking till you make it, which I have come across in many personality development books. If we take care to be authentic, we need not worry so much about triggering BS detectors of people and lose credibility in an instant.

I recommend reading this book not in entirety but go chapter by chapter and practice what we learnt to internalise it. My key takeaway from this book is how to expose what you are and what you offer to the outside world without faking or living around with jargons. It is a systemic approach, a long term approach to build and maintain, it will take time but will not falter us when we end up building it.